Saturday, January 16, 2010

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First, please note the entry below, in which Vicar Hetrick provides more information concerning the prayer resources she shared in Adult Forum last Sunday.

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Vicar Hetrick: Resources for Morning and Evening Prayer

Last Sunday, Vicar Carolyn Hetrick provided a rich presentation concerning morning and evening prayer. Below are some of the resources she shared with us.

Spiritual disciplines of Morning Prayer and Daily Review (Examen)
For morning prayer:

For All the Saints, a Prayer Book for and By the Church
- a four volume set published by American Lutheran Publicity Bureau. This resource contains prayers for various times of the day, and includes the Apostles’ Creed, Small Catechism and some icons. Included are the readings from Scripture as well as from theologians and scholars. It follows a two year reading cycle and includes resources for all seasons of the church year. It is available at A little pricey it is $130 for the set, but well made.

Evangelical Lutheran Worship- this is the cranberry colored worship resource in our pews in the sanctuary and chapel. Extra copies are available in the church office. In addition to containing the hymns and liturgy, it contains morning, midday and evening and topical prayers. It also contains the three year daily lectionary readings beginning on page 1121. We are currently in year C and the Church year begins with the first Sunday of Advent and ends with Christ the King Sunday. It also contains the small Catechism, creeds, the Lord’s Prayer and the scriptural basis for the elements of our liturgy on p. 1154.

Luther’s Small Catechism- both large and pocket sized copies of the Small catechism are available at and in our library.

For daily review:

Luther’s Small Catechism

Celtic Treasure by J. Phillip Newell. This is a book of scripture and prayer which includes illuminations (images) from the Book of Kells. The book highlights themes of creation and justice, wisdom and hope, vision and love. The order calls for lighting a candle to set the environment. A great resource for evening prayer and review but also for table fellowship. Available at for about $13.60 plus shipping.

www.pray-as-you-go-org. This is the site for daily review which was played in class. The eight minute daily review may be downloaded to your computer or i-pod and can be burned onto a CD for listening. Also available at this site is daily prayer on Mondays through Fridays. These can be downloaded and listened to by the day or by the week and are also able to be recorded onto a CD. This site is run by Jesuit Media in the UK. This site is free, but accepts donations.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January Adult Forum -- Practices of Devotion

If most Americans make New Year’s resolutions, how many of them involve cultivating their spiritual lives?

This two weeks, our Pastoral Staff will share things they do to provide nourishment for their souls.

Jan 10: Vicar Hetrick on Morning Prayer and Daily Reflection

Jan 17: Pastor Pounder on Spiritual Retreats: Near, Far, and Homemade

Jan 24: Pastor Mentzer on Thoughts Matter: Renouncing Our Mindless Thoughts

On Jan 31 I'll be introducing the Gospel of Luke, our Lectionary Gospel for the year.